7 Signs your Nervous System is Dysregulated


We often ignore or dismiss our bodies’ signals because we are too busy, or we are just distracted. I believe that we have become divorced from our bodies over time through our excessive busy-ness as well as our over identification with our thinking minds. This makes it hard to read the signals our bodies are sending us.


Our nervous system is such an integral part of our human experience and yet most of us do not notice when our system is dysregulated. These signs could indicate that there is something out of balance in your nervous system, and it is time to do something about it.


Let’s take a look at seven bodily signs that your nervous system is dysregulated:


  • You are frequently snappy, irritable and reactive. You tend to overreact in certain situations. It becomes difficult for you to control the way you react or feel.
  • You feel on edge or overwhelmed. You tend to feel stressed out or experience a sense of overwhelm even when things are going relatively well.
  • You experience chronic pain and ongoing illness. You may suffer from chronic pain or get frequently ill despite looking after yourself and adopting healthy habits.  
  • You experience sleep disturbances. You don’t sleep well, either struggling to fall asleep or waking up early. You may feel tired even after sleeping for more than 7 hours.
  • You are sensitive to sensory stimuli. You are easily startled by sounds or find lights too bright. You may have been described as a highly sensitive person.
  • You experience attention or concentration problems. You have trouble focusing on tasks or you easily forget details.
  • Cravings and appetite changes. You may find you crave a high carbs or high sugar diet. You may find you are hungry all the time or you might feel like you can’t at all.

If you are experiencing more than one of the above symptoms, you may have a nervous system that is dysregulated. Depending on your symptoms, your nervous system may be either hyper-aroused (stuck in fight-flight) or hypo-aroused (stuck in freeze). The good news is your nervous system is highly adaptive to its environment. You do not have to live with these symptoms.


Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises is a great regulation tool for the nervous system. Shaking is the body’s natural regulation tool. Through this shaking reflex the excess energy is released from the body. Through regular use TRE can build resilience within your nervous system so that it can regulate itself appropriately.


To find out more about TRE you can visit the Trauma Prevention website.