Cognitive Therapy

I provide one-on-one counselling sessions in a calm, safe space where clients are able to move towards emotional wellbeing. Because each individual and their past experiences are unique I use a client-centered and flexible approach. Through collaboration we will tailor a helping approach that helps you learn, unlearn and relearn patterns of thought and behaviour to foster a greater sense of wellbeing. Helping modalities include: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

You may be drawn to Counselling if you are:


  •           feeling stuck in patterns of thought or behaviour that are no longer serving you
  •           feeling disconnected from your life, yourself or your loved ones
  •           you are struggling to experience daily enjoyment and peace
  •           you have experienced trauma or adverse life experiences
  •           wanting to explore possibilities for a better future

Benefits of Counselling include:


  •           clarifying a solution to a problem faced
  • increased confidence
  • identifying opportunities for change
  • learning effective coping strategies
  • developing a secure sense of self
  • developing new patterns of thought
  • finding your voice
  • enhanced personal relationships
  • developing healthy boundaries
  • decreased anxiety and depression