Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

Shake off stress and release tension in the body with a simple yet innovative series of exercises. Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®)  safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that calms down the nervous system. This therapeutic tremoring helps the body release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma that are held in the body.


You do not have to have experienced trauma to benefit from Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises, anyone who wants to feel more at home in their own body or more relaxed can benefit from TRE®. Once you learn how to self-activate the body’s natural tremoring process you will be able to access this therapeutic tool on your own, any time.

You may be drawn to TRE® to:


  •          reduce anxiety and stress
  •           reconnect with your body
  •           release old trauma (both physical and emotional)
  •           feel more relaxed
  •           facilitate sleep
  •           improve performance
A client lies down to tremor during a TRE Session

Benefits of TRE® include:


Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) is a self-empowering resource to literally shake off stress, tension and trauma on a regular basis to help you create:


  • deeper relaxation
  • improved sleep
  • reduced pain
  • greater resilience
  • reduced occupational stress
  • improved core stability
  • more energy and vitality
  • stronger mindfulness
  • faster physical and emotional recovery
  • empowered relationships
  • natural calm and patience

TRE® is safe for all ages can be done in groups or in one-on-one sessions. Whether you are a parent or spouse who would like more patience with your family, a victim of violence or an accident, someone who has suffered disconnection or loss, or simply someone who wants to become more resilient and feel more at home in your body, you can benefit from TRE®. 

What a typical session looks like:

A typical Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercise session lasts 60 minutes. We will go through the 7 simple stretching exercises with the last exercise allowing us to lie comfortably on the floor. We will typically tremor for around 20 minutes before allowing the body and mind time to rest and integrate what it has experienced. 


TRE® is a body-based therapy not a cognitive one. It does not require any conscious activation or talking, this allows you to release stress and trauma without having to relive or talk about it.


Sessions can be done via Zoom or in person at my practice in Swellendam, South Africa. 

Join our 6 week Tension & Trauma Release Program

A six-week virtual program that will empower you with a simple set of tools to calm the body and mind.

What to expect from the program:

Once a week we will meet online for a live interactive session. Sessions combine education and interactive exercises on the vagus nerve, brain, the nervous system, self-regulation and stress recovery. This includes a guided TRE session every week. 

During the six-week program you’ll learn how to enhance the functioning of your vagus nerve using TRE®,  movement and breathing. The program is designed to help you undo the long-term tension that’s been held in your body and mind, and that has kept old, unhealthy emotional patterns playing out. Once learned, you can implement these healing modalities into your every day care routine for a greater sense of peace and connection. 

The program is limited to 5 participants to ensure personal attention. Since this is a virtual program good internet connection is required. To find out when our next starting dates are please email info@intentionalhealing.co.za 

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