Workshop: Protecting Against Overwhelm with Self-Care  

A Short Pause is a self-care, mental health & mindfulness workshop designed to rejuvenate you on a mental and physical level. When we practice effective self-care techniques we can increase our energy, strength and resilience so we can show up as the best version of ourselves. 

When we don’t take care of ourselves, are too hard on our body, or don’t take care of our emotional needs, we are at much higher risk for burnout, a variety of mental health issues including anxiety and depression, physical injury and illness.

Spend a nurturing day with our mental health experts and Learn how to nurture and care for your body-mind through self-care techniques. We utilise both body and mind approaches to help you gain clarity and compassion for yourself and to release tension from your body leaving you feeling refreshed, restored and invigorated.

During the workshop we will explore:


Together we will explore Self-Care by:

– Becoming aware of your emotions, narratives and the body

– Connecting with your emotions, the stories you tell yourself and your bodily sensations

– Getting curious about the source of your emotions

– Understanding the impact of your internal dialogues

– Learning how to nurture and care for your body-mind through self-care techniques

– Practicing mind and body-based approaches that ease overwhelm and anxiety

– Becoming aware of the areas of your life that are calling for your attention 

– Learning to listen to the body and the messages it is giving you






Workshop Details

This {Short Pause} on Self-Care is offered both in-person in Constantia Cape Town as well as live on Zoom. 

In-Person Short Pause Workshop


When: 23 July 2022

Where: Schoenstatt Retreat in Constantia, Cape Town

Time: 9am – 4pm



This nurturing full day experience takes place on Saturday, 23 July at the tranquil grounds of Schoenstatt Retreat in Constantia, Cape Town. Together, we will create a safe and nurturing space to talk, reflect, be curious and learn effective self-care techniques to protect against anxiety, burn-out and overwhelm. 



– Lunch, tea, snacks and refreshments are included in the experience

– Facilitated Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises Session

– Guided Meditation & Singing Bowls

– Reflective Exercises to deepen self-awareness and gain clarity

– Guided Breathwork Session

– Vagus Nerve Exercises to ease overwhelm


Choosing self-care protects us from burnout and enables us to be the most authentic version of ourselves.  While it can sometimes have the bad reputation of being quite selfish, the truth is that self-care can be the greatest gift of nourishment and care not only to you, but also those around you.


This workshop is facilitated by Marina Galletis (Registered Counsellor) and Charisse Fourie (TRE Provider).





Full Ticket Price: R1,795 per person

Bring a Friend Special: Bring a friend with you and you both get 20% OFF = R1,436 each. 

* Part costs can be claimed back from medical aid depending no your scheme.


Sponsorships and partial sponsorships are available as well. If you require a sponsorship please email 


Meet your Hosts

Protect yourself from overwhelm, burn-out and anxiety through this Self-Care Workshop.

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